At Peryton CCTV we are committed to providing high quality affordable CCTV solutions. 

From the basic to the extreme installation, we provide you with tools such as desktop and mobile access. 

This is an open platform that allows you to access your system from any internet connected device, while still ensuring total privacy and connection security.

 This allows you to increase productivity and keep your finger on the pulse of your business from wherever you are in the WORLD.

A well configured and installed CCTV system can allow you to

Improve staff productivity 
Upgrade staff and client security 
Apprehend shoplifters and vandals 
Prevents staff/client collusion Improve staff security 
Improve stock control 
Reduce shrinkage and breakage 
Improve access control 
Provide footage of injury and accidents 
Help prevent financial and credit card fraud 
Use footage in labour disputes, insurance claims and disciplinary hearings